We Are The Champions

VolleyballReport submitted by Mr. Rylan Price

The PDS Stingers Boys Volleyball team won the first ever championship banner for PDS this past weekend!

The boys started their tournament out against a very tough Emerado Eagles team. A nervous PDS team took the floor and saw themselves losing the first set of the match. They boys rallied and won the second and third sets in Stinger fashion and moved onto their second game of the tournament against WES.

WES was a new team for PDS. Once again, a nervous team hit the floor and spotted WES a 10 point lead. It was a close battle to the end, but PDS fell short in set 1. Once again, in Stinger fashion, the boys rallied back and won sets 2 and 3 to lock themselves a spot in the semi-finals.

The PDS team had an opportunity to scout their next opponent, Morden, as they beat Altona. The semi-finals were set: Morden vs Prairie Dale. After spotting EMMS a 10 point lead once again to start the match, the boys once again dug deep and started to play like Stingers. They set up multiple spike opportunities and slowly took control of the game. PDS proved to be too much for EMMS as they blanked them 2 sets to 0 setting up a final match against Gretna.

The Stingers had a game plan in place for Gretna, but it took a while for it to fall into place. Gretna found themselves up by 10 points early in the match. PDS once again had to settle themselves and find an answer to Gretna’s attack. PDS started to find their pace and won the first set in a close battle. When the second started, it was obvious the Stingers would not be denied their championship. They controlled the ball beautifully the entire game until the 25th point hit the floor. It was an excellent weekend with the Stinger boys peaking at the right time. Coaches, Mr. Price and Mr. Wall, would like to give a huge shout out to all the players who put in a lot of time and energy, and represented PDS like true champions!