Parent Loop Changes at PDS

iAre you picking up students at PDS?

We now have a staggered dismissal so take note of the following changes to ensure student safety:

1. No parking, waiting, or picking up students on Church St. is allowed.

2. The Parent Loop will be closed from 9:00-3:20.

3. There is a two-minute maximum wait time in the Parent Loop. If the students are not ready for pickup within two minutes, move to Visitor Parking in the parking lot.

4. If the student you are picking up normally takes the bus, know the bus number

  • First Dismissal at 3:25 includes students on Bus 96, 54, 83, 68, and students that walk or bike - parents can pull into the Parent Loop to wait up to two minutes. 
  • Second Dismissal at 3:30 includes students on Bus 90, 94, 45, 73, and 30, parents must park in Visitor Parking in the parking lot.

Please help us to keep students safe at dismissal times!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PDS Office at 325-8203.