Home Teams

At Prairie Dale School, you are not just part of a homeroom - you are part of a hometeam. At PDS, we are swarming with energy so hometeams can also be called hives. The hives are:

Thriller Bees:  Mr. Chad Bergen (8CB) & Mrs. Amanda Rempel (8AR)

Carpenter Bees:  Mr. Rob Buhr (7RB) & Mr. Bud Kehler (7BK)

Beewolves:  Mrs. Janessa Fehr & Mrs. Anny Froese (8FF), Mrs. Janessa Fehr & Mr. Mike Lewis (6FL)

Yellow Jackets:  Mrs. Ana LaPeare (6AL) & Mr. Vern Wall (6VW)

Hornets:  Mrs. Carilee Bergman (5CB) & Mr. Rylan Price (5RP)

Wasps:  Miss Julie Peters (4JP), Mrs. Jen Thiessen 4JT)